Registeration Details

• Beaconhouse Talent Hunt 3.0 is open for students of Class 9, 10 & 11.

• Every performance (solo/duo/group) should be registered through the form. Register Here

• A Group performance can have up to 5 members.

• An email of participation confirmation will be sent to the school’s chaperone after receiving registration fees of all participants.

• The registration fee applies to each person in group/duo participation.

• Early Bird discount for Beaconhouse School is Rs 1999 and Rs 2499 per participant (other schools) until 10th November 2023.

• Registration fee is Rs 2499 per participant (Beaconhouse) and Rs 2999 per participant (other schools).

• Deadline for registrations is 16th November 2023.

• There will be ONE winner of the Beaconhouse Talent Hunt, ONE Runner-up and 3 recognition positions.

• Participation certificates will be given to all participants.

The Registration Fees Can Be Submitted in Cash At Beaconhouse PECHS Campus


Deposit to Bank Account:

Abdul Hadi Afridi

IBAN 01153329201

BTH 3.0


Beaconhouse PECHS Campus Karachi


0317 34258868 / 0321 2848893